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GRE Test Online Course


If you don't need to go through our online course, click here for basic information about the GRE test.

Our course is heavily focused on "self-help." Here's why:

A) If you are intimately involved in both structuring and completing your test preparation, you will have a better understanding of the experience and reap better results and

B) We recognize that there is great diversity in learning styles. By leaving the test preparation solution in a more open, relaxed format, we believe we can make the diversity in learning styles a strength rather than a weakness.


The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an exam that is produced and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). This is an exam that is used by applicants to graduate school, and it serves as a common measure for the applicants. There are two types of Graduate Record Examinations, the general exam and the subject tests. The general GRE test is often required for admission to graduate school, and the subject tests, which are only given in a few select subjects, can be either optional or required depending on the graduate program. This description will focus on the general GRE test only.

There are three ways to register for the Graduate Record Examination. Registration can be completed online on the website for the Educational Testing Service, on the phone by calling 1-800-GRE-CALL, or by mail using the application found in the GRE test bulletin (the bulletin can be found online at the ETS website).

If registration is completed by phone or online, a registration confirmation number will be given. If registering by mail, an Authorization Voucher Request Form, found in the GRE test bulletin, will need to be downloaded and printed and mailed in to the address found in the bulleting.

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